Unconfirmed Students

Unconfirmed students explained

When a student purchases a course, they only have to use an email to buy. To create their account for access, they must confirm their email. During the confirmation process, the user sets their name and a password for their account.

Students that have purchased but not confirmed their account will be displayed with "Unconfirmed" in the student manager.

You can find these students by clicking the "LAST SEEN" header to sort by the last time the students signed in. Unconfirmed students will always be last in this list because we've never seen them at all.

Fixing unconfirmed students

The most common reasons a student can't confirm their account and sign in are:

1. The student typed in their email incorrectly at checkout. 

To make checkout as simple as possible, we don't ask the purchaser to enter their email twice at checkout. The tradeoff of this is sometimes people type in their email address incorrectly. 

To remedy this, make sure you have the user's correct email on hand and then click on the "Unconfirmed" label next to the email they mistakenly used at sign up. You can also click the Gear icon and click "View Student".

From the Student detail screen, under "Basics" click the "Edit" button. Change the student's email and then click "Save Changes".

This will deliver a new confirmation email to the correct email, allowing them to finish setting up their account.

2. The confirmation email was captured by an aggressive spam filter.

Many people use Google mail for their email needs. Sometimes emails are added to the "Social" or "Promotions" labels in Gmail. Make sure your student checks these tabs and looks (or does a search) in the Spam folder for a confirmation email (it will have a subject like "Confirm your <YOUR BUSINESS NAME> account" and be sent from your business name). 

The emails are sent from notifications@doki.io, so make sure they add that address to their address books for future proofing. In gmail you can also click "Not Promotions" button to remove the Promotions (or Social) label so the emails always go to your Primary inbox.

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