Dealing with Declined Card Payments

Payments via Stripe use credit and debit cards to process transactions. Banks can sometimes decline credit requests for many number of reasons. If a customer's payment is declined when making a one-off purchase a program, it's recommended that they contact the issuer of their card they are using to make sure that the transaction is authorized or find out why the transaction was otherwise declined.

You'll want to make sure that they mention *YOUR* statement descriptor from Stripe as we use your account to handle transactions for you. You can find this by logging into Stripe and clicking "Business Settings" and then under the "Business" tab, you'll find a "Public information" section. The "Statement descriptor" is what the charge will look like to your customer's bank/credit issuer. To reiterate: the bank is seeing charges from YOUR company, not from Doki or Oki Doki.

You can check your Stripe account (under the "Payments" feed) for charges that failed and look for a decline reason at the top of the Charge detail page:

Stripe has helpfully documented the many types of decline codes in the  Bank Decline Codes docs.

Note: We've found the likelihood that a charge will be declined to be much higher if your customer is traveling away from their home country and is making a purchase with a card. For example, if you are located in the United States, your customer's card is issued in France, and your customer is currently trying to make a charge from Bali, Indonesia, there's a much higher change that transaction will look suspicious to a French bank. Usually the customer must call the card issuer and make sure to green-light transactions from your company.

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