Why Can't I See My Site/Course/Package?

Doki provides very granular control over the availability (also known as visibility) of your site, courses, and packages. If a resource on Doki is "public" or "published", it will generally be visible to the public. If a resource is "private" or "unpublished" it will be private. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Private resources can still be accessed by the students that have access to them while they are logged in. For example, if you wanted to sell a course or package for a short time and then completely remove it from your Doki site, the folks who purchased it will still have access, but the landing pages and checkout will not be available to the general public.

Let's identify the different levels of control you have over the pieces of your Doki account and public facing pages.

Site Status

Your site contains your landing pages, courses, about pages—basically everything. Your site can either be public (visible to the public) or private (only you can see it when you are logged in). By default your Site Status is in the private (or setup) state when you first create your account.

Course Status

A course includes a landing page and checkout pages for any packages you create for the course. A course can either be public (visible to the public) or in a private state (only you can see it when you are logged in). NOTE: this is independent from the Site Status, i.e. you can have a public Site and and a private Course, and vice versa. By default a Course Status is private when you first create the course.

Package Status

A package can either be public (visible to the public) or private (only you can see it when you are logged in) which is controlled by the Available for sale setting in the package editor.

NOTE: this is independent from the Site Status and Course Status(es). If the Course the Package is part of is public, but the package is private, the package will NOT show as an available option for sale on the Course landing page. Packages also have a "Visibility" status which differs from the "Available for sale" Status. For more on that, please read the Package Privacy and Visibility page. You can determine the Availability and Visibility settings when you first create the Package and they can also be changed at any time after creation via the Package editor.

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