Working with Google Analytics

You can connect your Google Analytics account to Doki in order to add page and event tracking to your Doki landing pages and programs.

Creating the Tracking Property/Code

The first step is to sign into Google Analytics and create a new property for tracking.

  1. Sign into Google Analytics.
  2. Click the Admin tab.
  3. Select the account you'd like to use or create a new account and select it.
  4. In the Property column, select the drop down and click "Create a new property".
  5. Select "Website" and enter your Doki website link as the "Website Name", e.g. "".
  6. Select "https://" and enter your Doki website link again as the "Website URL", e..g "".
  7. Click "Get Tracking ID"

Connecting Google Analytics to Doki

To connect your Google Analytics account, return to Doki. From Doki's admin tools interface, click on the Briefcase icon (or "Business" navigation) in the sidebar in the admin area, then click on "Integrations". Click the "Connect" button in the Google Analytics section to begin the connection process.

If you're not already signed in, sign into a Google Account that has access to the Google Analytics property you created previously. Google will ask you to confirm "Offline Access" to your account. This is so Doki can fetch your tracking properties and manage analytics events.

Click "Allow" to complete the connection. 

Once connected successfully, you'll be redirected back to the integrations screen and Google Analytics will now load your tracking properties. From the drop-down, select the property you created in the first step and click "Save". This will configure your Doki site to use this property on landing pages and in the student experience.

We send page view events for all landing pages and student pages. We also send events when students complete topics and lessons.

Want us to track a specific event in Analytics? Contact support to suggest a new feature.

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