Protecting Your Videos

Doki allows you to embed content from video providers like  VimeoWistiaSprout, and YouTube. These platforms allow you to host video and embed them in different locations for sharing. But what if you only want to share with the people who've paid for your course? Let's check out the options for protecting your videos when selling access to them through Doki.


You can control which domains your videos can be embedded on on most video hosting platforms. This allows you to make a video private only to certain users. For example, if we add "" (assuming "example" is your Doki account/subdomain name) as the only place that the embed will work, then we can present anyone from seeing the video that isn't accessing it via your course. Instructions (as the become available) for specific platforms are detailed below.


The Vimeo Plus, Pro or Business level accounts allow you to  control which domains your video can be embedded on

  1. From the main video page, click the "Settings" button then click the "Privacy" link. 
  2. Under the settings for "Where can this video be embedded", select "Only on sites I choose" and enter your domain domain in the text field. For example if you access your site at "", you'll enter "", replacing "example" with your account ID.
  3. Under "Who can watch this video?" select "Hide this video from".
  4. Under "What can people do with this video?" uncheck "Download it".

Now the video can only be watched on your Doki course and has no public link and cannot be downloaded easily.


Wistia offers very business-focused controls over video privacy. We recommend you read their guide on  Domain Restrictions to protect your videos from being accessed anywhere but the Doki domain. When you get to the part where you're entering the "domains you wish to whitelist", you'll add "" (but change example to your own Doki account ID in this case.


Sprout offers fantastic support and documentation for  Allowed Domains for Embedded Videos. Follow along with their guide. When you get to the part where you're entering the "Allowed Domains", you'll add "" (but change example to your own Doki account ID in this case.


Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't support restricting their embedded videos by domain name. We recommend setting your video to "Unlisted" if you are using YouTube and don't want the video to be found easily. More documentation can be found  here.

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