Working with ConvertKit

You can connect your  ConvertKit account to Doki to allow you to funnel purchasers into sequences and create mailing list sign ups that capture and tag leads in your ConvertKit forms.

What do you want to accomplish?

Our ConvertKit integration currently enables the following actions once connected:

  • You can add a sign up form to your course landing that subscribes a user to a ConvertKit form.
  • You can add users to a ConvertKit sequence when an auto-drip schedule starts.
  • You can add all users to a ConvertKit sequence at the same time when a class schedule starts.

If any of the options above are what you want, continue below to the ConvertKit integration guide.

If you need to funnel students into a ConvertKit sequence when they create an account or buy a non-dripped package, we recommend using our Zapier integration instead of (or as-well-as) the ConvertKit integration. In this case continue to the  ConvertKit + Zapier integration guide.

ConvertKit Integration Guide

Connect to ConvertKit

To start, you'll need to make a connection to your ConvertKit account. Log into ConvertKit and click the "Account" button in the main navigation. 

Under "Account Settings", click "Show" next to "API Secret" to reveal your API Secret. 

Click into the text field and then copy it to your clipboard ( Command + c on Mac, Control + c on Windows). 

IMPORTANT: Remember that this code gives access to your ConvertKit account so do not share this with anyone. Also, make sure you use the API Secret and not the API Key. We need the Secret version to make the integration work.

Next, head over to your Doki account and click the briefcase icon in the sidebar (if the sidebar is expanded it'll say "Business"). Click the "Integrations" tab in the Business section. Next to the ConvertKit integration item, click the "Connect" button to expand the integration options.

Paste in your API Secret from ConvertKit into the field ( Command + v on Mac, Control + v on Windows) and click "Save" to finish the connection.

Adding a sign-up form to your course's landing page

Now that ConvertKit is connected, you can add a sign-up form to your course landing pages. To do so, start by clicking into the Course you want to add a form to. From the "Marketing" tab, select "Integrations" and then click "ConvertKit".

Doki will automatically fetch your ConvertKit Forms from your account and use the list to populate the dropdown. To add a form to your course's landing page, select the form from the list and click "Save"

Now you'll have a form on your landing page that will subscribe any potential customers to the selected form when submitted. To preview the form click the "View" button in the top right banner of the admin interface. Scroll down your landing page until you see the form. You can see we also add a direct link to the ConvertKit form next to the "Subscribe" button.

Subscribing students when a schedule starts

If you've created a course that is delivered on a drip schedule (either an auto-drip or class schedule), you can sync the delivery schedule with a ConvertKit sequence by adding the Sequence ID to the schedule on Doki.

After you've created a scheduled package, from the Packages page, click the arrow next to the "Edit" button to reveal the option dropdown and click "Edit Schedule".

This will take you to the Delivery options for the schedule. Scroll down the page until you find the "Delivery" section and you should see a field called "ConvertKit Sequence ID"

You'll want to paste the ConvertKit Sequence ID in this field. To find the sequence ID, in ConvertKit click the "Sequences" navigation item. Click on the Sequence you want to subscribe to, then, from the link field in your browser, copy and paste the numeric ID from the end of the link. This is the sequence ID. For example, in the following image, we can see our Sequence ID for this Sequence should be 4723.

Paste the sequence ID into the Doki field and click the "Update Schedule" button in the top right of the page.

What will happen now will depend if your schedule is an auto-drip schedule or a class schedule. For auto-drip schedules, Doki will subscribe the user to the ConvertKit sequence as soon as they purchase the course. So you should design your sequence in ConvertKit to match the exact delays in your Doki schedule. So if you are delaying your first content unlock by 1 day, you can do the same for the ConvertKit sequence. OR, you might immediately trigger a "Welcome" email in ConvertKit. 

For class schedules, we don't subscribe until 12am on the day that the class starts. Everyone that has purchased the package will be subscribed to the ConvertKit sequence at the same time, so the automation triggers for everyone in the class at once.

ConvertKit + Zapier guide

To start, open the  Working with Zapier guide in a new tab or window. You're going to follow along with steps 1 + 2 and then follow the link in step 3 to the Configuring a ConvertKit Zap with Zapier guide.

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