Refunding a Payment

Doki uses your Stripe account to process payments on your half, so you have your own payment history and customer data on your account. That means that you're in charge of refunding customers if you want to refund the full or partial price of a sale made via Doki.

Check out Stripe's short video on processing a refund on your Stripe account or read their documentation on Charges & Refunds for more. Otherwise, our basic instructions for creating a refund follow.

After logging into Stripe, click on the "Payments" link in the sidebar. You'll see a list of recent payments. The payments are shown with an email address representing the customer. If you cannot find the payment you can click on "View All Payments" to hunt through the list OR you can enter the email of the customer from Doki into the search field and their customer page and payments will show up. 

Once you've found a payment you want to refund, click on it to show the payment detail page. In the top right, you'll see a "Refund Payment" button. Click it.

Select whether you want to refund the full amount or part of it and then click "Refund" to complete the refund.

In some cases you may be refunding a student and also wanting to remove their access to a program. Please see our documentation on Managing Students for how to do that after you've processed the refund.

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