Configuring a MailChimp Zap with Zapier

IMPORTANT: If you've yet to add the Doki application to Zapier, please follow the instructions provided in  Working with Zapier then return to this page to learn how to use MailChimp with Doki's Zapier app.

Log into your Zapier account and click "MAKE A ZAP!" button at the top of the page.

Start by selecting/finding Doki as the trigger up in the "Choose a Trigger App" step. If you already connected your Doki account, it will appear under the "YOUR APPS" heading. Otherwise type in "Doki" in the "Search hundreds of apps..." field to find it and select it by clicking it.

Next choose the trigger you'd like to respond to. For this demo we'll select the "New User" trigger which fires when a new user signs up for the first time for one of your programs. For documentation on what triggers the Doki app supports, please read the  Working with Zapier guide.

Next up, choose your Doki account from the "Select Doki account" menu.

Test the connection by clicking "Fetch & Continue". Don't worry about the "Make sure you have at least one user connected" message if you have no users yet. Doki supplies sample data in the case that you don't have any yet.

Click continue to continue to the "Action".

We'll connect a MailChimp account for this demo. Select MailChimp from the list of apps and select "Add/Update Subscriber" under "CREATE" as the action. In short, we're going to take information about the user that signed up on Doki and funnel it into MailChimp via Zapier!

Go through the connection dance to connect your MailChimp account to Zapier. Next we're going to set up the data going into MailChimp. Select the list you want to subscribe the new Doki user to and then click the icon next to the Email field to select which piece of Doki data is going to be sent to that field. In our case, we want to pick the "Email" address from Doki in the dropdown.

You can do the same for the First and Last Name fields because Doki will send through name and email when a new user joins:

Click "Continue". You can send through the test data to MailChimp, but since it's test data, it may be rejected as not a real email by MailChimp. You can click "Skip test & continue" on this screen. Click "Continue" again.

Finally, give your Zap a name and click the toggle button to activate it. This will subscribe to Doki and now any time a new user is added to your Doki account, this zap will be triggered and new leads will be captured in MailChimp as they do.

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