Payment Plans & Subscriptions

If you have access to the "Payment Plans & Subscriptions" as part of your Plan, you can create additional price points for your Package(s) that bill your customers over different periods of time. For example, you might offer a Package (which grants access to your course) with the following options:

  • Pay a one-time fee of $199.99
  • 6 weekly payments of $34.99 = $209.94
  • Pay 3 monthly payments of $79.99 = $239.97

You can see that in this case, we allow our customers to span out the payments over a longer period of time, but charge them a little extra for the deference. If they pay up front, they get a discount.

Access to Payment Options

Access to this feature is granted based on your Doki subscription plan. You also must have a connected Stripe account.

Creating a Payment Plan

After you've created a package, a "Default" payment option will be created. This will either be a one-time payment or "FREE" (if you've created a free course). You can make other payment options available by adding them to the package.

Visit the Package editor by clicking the "Edit" button next to a package then click the "Payment Options" item in the Package sidebar.

If there is no "Default" payment option, you may have created the package prior to this feature being introduced. Don't worry though, we default to the price of your package itself, and the next time you create a Payment Option, we'll create a default payment option to match the pricing of the package.

Click the "Add Payment Option" button. Next you'll see the "Add Payment Option" window. 

Below we describe the stuff you'll select in this form:

  • Name: name of the payment plan for internal use. This will be the name of the plan created in Stripe and will show on user receipts if you chose to send those via Stripe.
  • Plan Type: 
    • Payment Plan - Charge your customer a set number of times over a period.
    • Subscription - Charge your customer over a period indefinitely.
  • Price: If you're creating a Payment Plan, set the number of times you're going to bill the customer and the price for each instalment. You can also set the frequency of the payments. If you're creating a Subscription, set the price to charge each period and the frequency of the payments.
  • Visibility: You can hide this payment option on the main checkout form if you uncheck this. You may want to remove it from your options after a certain period of time.

The information at the bottom of this window will update to show you the total cost of the program with your given parameters. 

Click the "Create" button to create the Payment Option and save it as a Stripe Plan.

Managing Payment Options

From the Payment Options screen you can change the order of the payment options. This determines the order they display on the checkout screen. The one that's first in the order will be selected automatically if the customer has not selected one.

Managing a Payment Option

From the Payment Options screen, click the name of a payment plan to manage it.

This screen shows information about your plan with links to the Stripe plan that backs it. At the bottom you can see the Subscribers to your plan which you can filter by their statuses. You can also "Cancel" a student subscription here to remove their subscription AND their access to the program.

Removing a Payment Plan

It's best to just make the Payment Plan invisible. Removing a Payment Plan will unsubscribe all subscribers and stop billing for all students, removing them from the program. If you still want to proceed, you can click the "Remove payment option" link from the payment option detail view.

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