Conversion Measurement with Facebook Pixel

Doki supports conversion tracking with a Facebook Pixel. If you create Facebook Ads and utilize Doki's Facebook Pixel integration, you can track actions and events after a customer clicks on your Facebook Ad. For example, your Ad might send a customer to a Doki course landing page and you could then track their flow through to the "success" page to track that they completed a purchase via your Ad on Facebook.

Creating a Pixel

To start, create a Pixel on Facebook using the method here. If you already have a Pixel you want to use from either a Personal or Business account, you can copy it using the method described in the next paragraph.

Note: if you have a Facebook Business account and use the Ad Manager, we recommend creating a Pixel specifically for your Doki account.

After you've created the pixel, you'll probably be taken to the "Facebook Pixels" landing page. You should see a numeric code just underneath your new Pixel's name, prefixed with "Pixel ID". Highlight just the numeric code and copy this code to your clipboard (hint: it's Command + C on Mac or Control + C on Windows).

Adding the Integration

  • In the Doki Admin, Click on the Briefcase icon (or "Business") link in the sidebar, then click "Integrations".
  • Click "Configure" next to the Facebook Pixel integration.
  • Paste in the numeric Pixel ID from the previous section (hint: it's Command + V on Mac or Control + V on Windows).
  • Click save to add the Pixel to your Doki account.

You should be to see activity begin to track in Facebook pretty quickly by visiting the Facebook Pixel's landing page in Facebook Ad Manager.

Events Tracked

  • All pages of your site trigger a PageView event
  • Course landing pages trigger a ViewContent event.
  • Course checkout pages trigger an InitiateCheckout event.
  • After purchase, success pages trigger a Purchase event. This includes success pages for sales, enrolments, and subscriptions/payment plans.
  • After an invite redemption, we'll track a custom InviteRedeemed event.

Conversion URL matching

If you are looking to track specific events or conversion pages, our "Thank You" pages take the following format for courses you charge for:


Thank you pages for free courses are similar but instead of "access" we use "enrolled":


Thank you pages for a subscription or payment plan:



  • <YOUR_DOMAIN>: replace with your Doki subdomain.
  • <COURSE_LINK>: replace with your Course link fragment AKA "slug".
  • <STUDENT_ID>: The Student ID will be a unique code representing the student's enrollment ID. This will be unique per student. 


  • Get the Facebook Pixel Helper to view events on your pages.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the titles and descriptions of your site and courses and other content DO NOT include "&" (ampersands). This can conflict with Facebook's tracking.

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