Working with Resources

Resources are files and links that you can attach to Packages and Lessons. Doki provides you with a Resource manager to manage your files and links.

The Library

You can find your site's Resources by clicking the "Site" icon or navigation link in the main sidebar and then clicking the "Resources" tab. Here you'll find a listing of all your resources, including ones uploaded to packages and lessons.

Adding a new Resource

From the Resource manager, click the "Add Resource" button.

There are two types of resources you can add to your library:

  • File resources - used to upload images, pdfs, and other downloadables. When using the file uploader, you can upload files, select, crop and upload images, and pick files from multiple sources on the web including Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, et al.
  • Link resources - point to a link on the internet. You can use link resources to define a canonical link to a resource and attach it to multiple lessons and packages. That way you only have to change the resource itself if the link ever changes.

Attaching Resources

Both Lessons and Packages use the same resource management system.

Click "Upload new files..." to directly upload files to the lesson or package. This will add them to your resources library for later use as well.


Click "Attach from your resources..." to select files or links from your existing resources.

You can select multiple files from the list to attach. Type in the name of a file if you know it to filter the list and then click the name to select it for attachment. Click the "ATTACH" button to attach to the lesson or package.

Read on to understand the attachment context for each type.


Resources attached to lessons appear as linked items at the end of a lesson next to lesson completion checklists, e.g.:


Resources attached to packages appear in the "Resources" tab of the course when the student accesses the course. This allows you to give the student additional templates, files, or PDFs in one version of a course and not in another. This can be used to do up-sells using the same course content, but different downloadables.

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