Using the Invite System

Invites allow you to invite students into your programs without using our payment gateway, so you A) avoid Doki's transaction fees and B) can enrol existing students in other programs manually.

To create an invite, you should have created a course and at least one package that grants access to the course. Invites are tied to a particular package.

Creating an Invite

  1. Start from a course's admin page and click "Selling" and then "Invites" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click "Add Code".
  3. Select the package you want to grant access to.
  4. If you only want a single person to be able to use this invite code, check the "Can only be used one time" checkbox. When the student redeems the invite, it will be removed so no others can use the code again.
  5. [OPTIONAL] You can set the number of uses allowed before the invite is automatically deactivated. Leave this number as -1 if you don't want any limits.
  6. [OPTIONAL] You can set a "name" for the invites. This is handy if you want to externally sell a number of seats to a company that they can redeem for their employees. 
  7. Click "Create" to generate the invite.

Once the invite is added to the list you can click "Copy Link" to copy it to your clipboard for pasting in emails or other locations.

Folks with this link can follow it to redeem access to the course via the package. The redeem screen allows them to create an account on your site or they can log into an existing account to accept the invite.

Invites that have never been used can be deleted or deactivated manually. 

Clicking the "Delete All" button will remove any never-used invites and deactivate any active invites with uses.

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