Discounting with Coupons

If you are using our payment system to sell your course packages, you can create coupons to discount your programs. Since you sell access to a course via a package, your coupons will be applied to a package. Once you've created your course and packaged it, you can create a coupon to discount it. 

From the course's admin page, click the "Selling" tab and then "Coupons" from the drop-down menu.

Click the "Add Coupon" button.

Give the coupon a "Coupon Code". This should be letters and numbers only, no spaces, no special characters. It's also a unique code in the system, so you can't enter the same code twice.

Select whether you want to discount by a percent or dollar amount. Keep in mind that you cannot do a 100% discount or discount the original price of the program below $.50. This is the minimum transaction that can be done with our payment system.

Click "Create" to create the coupon.

Now purchasers can enter the exact* coupon code on the checkout screen for that package to apply the discount before purchase.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: our coupons are currently case-sensitive, so COUPON2016 is a different coupon than coupon2016. This will change in the future.

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