Managing Landing Pages

Each course gets its own landing page in Doki. When you create a course, you pick a "URL fragment" aka "Link Fragment" or slug that defines where your course can be found.

For example, let's create a course called "Hello" and give it a link fragment of "hello". If my doki website is at, this will make the full link to the course's landing page

After creating the course you can immediately click the "Preview as student" button (in the top right of the page) and select "Preview landing page as student" to view the landing page. Since the course isn't published yet, the button will show "Preview". Once published, it'll change to "View".

Since we haven't added any content, it's going to be sparse to start. You can also see "Course Preview" banner appears at the top of the page. This means that only you or your staff can see this page. It is not published yet.


If we click over to the "Details" tab of this new course, we can add some content to our landing pages and welcome pages. Under the "Description" area on this page we can add text and images to our landing page. We also recommend you give your course a memorable subtitle in the "Basics" section.


Under the "Marketing" tab of our course, click on the "Design" link. Here you can add a banner image to your landing page, a course badge image which shows up on your "Programs" page and "Home" page. 

You can add a link to a video to display on your landing page.

You can also override your organizations brand colors per course on this page by selecting or entering your colors.

NOTE: If you want the same colors to apply to ALL courses, use the color pickers under Site > Design.


You can add testimonials from people who've take your program by selecting "Marketing" and going to the "Praise" link. These quotes and images will be added to your course's landing page.


You can add frequently asked questions and answers to your landing page by selecting "Marketing" and going to the "FAQ" link.


If you've connected a MailChimp or ConvertKit account, visit "Marketing" and then select "Integrations" to add a newsletter sign up form to your landing page for the course.

You can select a list or from from either that will auto-create a sign up form for you.

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