Can I Use Doki in My Country?

Many online businesses operate in multiple countries and accept payments in currencies other than their own country's. Some examples of this might include:

  • A Canadian business sells products online in US Dollars.
  • A Dutch business sells products online in US Dollars and Euro.

Our SaaS app  Doki uses Stripe to process payments. You bring your own Stripe account and connect it to Doki. As a company with a Stripe account in Canada, we currently (by default) process payments in US dollars. So how can you avoid paying the often hefty exchange fees from US dollars into your local currency? Well, we find that many people open a US Dollar-backed account in their own country. In fact, we do this ourselves. Stripe allows you to add bank accounts for multiple currencies, so it will deposit the money in the corresponding account when you receive US funds, transaction free. 

For example, imagine that I am running Canadian business with a single CAD bank account. When it receives money in CAD, it goes straight to my bank account. When I receive money in USD, I am charged the exchange fees via Stripe, and then the money goes to my bank account. Now, if I open a US dollar bank account at a Canadian bank, I can add that bank to Stripe and then when I receive USD, it now goes straight to that bank account, transaction free. As much of online business is done in USD, now you can utilize the money from that account to make other purchases for your business without exchange rate fees.

Some examples in Canada of banks that have cross-border solutions:

Check with the major financial institutions in your country to find which ones have US dollar accounts.

So can I use Doki in <Country>?

Stripe is available in  25 countries throughout the world at the time of this writing. I wouldn't be scared away by the "Beta" tag if your country is in beta. These are production-ready systems. To use Stripe with Doki, you should:

  1. Create a Stripe account in your country by visiting and clicking your country flag.
  2. Set up a US Dollars bank account in your country at a financial institution.
  3. Connect your US Dollars bank account to your Stripe account.
  4. Connect your Stripe account to Doki.

Now when you charge for your program via Doki, the funds (minus Stripe + Doki fees) will be directly deposited to your US bank account without transaction fees.

But what if I want to charge in a different currency?

We can configure your account to charge in a currency your Stripe account supports based on your country. Please review the information in  "What currencies does Stripe support?" for your country's options and to make sure your understand how exchange rate conversions work. Then contact Doki support to request the change.

What about Atlas?

Stripe Atlas is also an option for international users. This is a relatively new program that is invite-only. Essentially, Stripe will set up a US business for you complete with a US bank account. When this is complete, you can run your business anywhere and accept almost any type of currency (and accept US dollars directly into your new US bank account). I'm pretty sure that Atlas is limited to larger companies with an established presence, so small fries like you and I might not qualify, but it's always worth a shot!


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