Managing Students

To manage your Students, click the the people icon in the sidebar of the Doki admin. If the sidebar is expanded, it'll also say "PEOPLE" next to the icon.

Students Dashboard

From the Students dashboard you can navigate through the lists of your enrolled students. Click on an individual student to view their stats page. The top right corner of this view also has some actions you can perform:

  • Sort — Change the order that the table of students displays in.
  • Filter — Filter the list of students by Course
  • Export — Download a comma-separated-value (.csv) of the currently viewed student data. When the button says "Export All", you are downloading all students. When you have a Course Filter selected, you'll download just those filtered students.

Student Detail 

From the Student Detail page, you can at a glance see progress data for the Student in each course they are enrolled in. You can also see some basic information about the user including any "profile" data they have supplied. Clicking on the "Enrollments" tab allows you to manage which programs/packages the student has access to.


If you ever need to remove access for a student, you can select "Removed" from the dropdown menu next to the enrollment. Click "Save Changes" button to confirm. This simply removes access to the package for that student. You can reverse the change by selecting "Enrolled" and then "Save Changes" again. Contact support to completely remove a User from the system.

Enrolling a Student

Certain Doki plans allow you access to the Invite System (you'd see "Invite Students Directly" with a checkmark next to it in your plan if you have this feature). From the Enrollments tab, you can grant a user access to a course or program via a package. 

Select the course then select the package in which you wish to enroll the student. Once you've selected those, the "Enroll" button will become active. Click it to grant access to the program. This will grant access and trigger any scheduling systems attached to the package. This is just like if the user logged in and signed up for a course or purchased it, but you're doing it for them in this case.

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