Creating and Editing Lessons

Lessons make up the bulk of your content of your course. Each Module can contain a series of Lessons for the student to complete, including text, video, audio, and other content types.

To add a Lesson to a Module, click the "Add Lesson" button at the end of the module. You'll see a box pop up that allows you to select the type of lesson you want to add. The lesson types are described below:

  • General - This is a large html-enabled text area for writing long-form content. You can also embed videos from YouTube and other sources, images, soundcloud embeds. This is the default lesson type and you should use this unless you have reason not to.
  • Video - This is a content type that features a very large video. Use if your lesson is video-focused instead of text-focused. You can also add additional text to the Video lesson.
  • Audio - This is content type that features an audio player. Currently we only support audio embeds from Soundcloud.

Once you click a lesson type, a lesson is created in the database and saved in the unpublished state. Only published lessons are displayed to the user when a Module is unlocked.

Let's take a look at the lesson editor interface:

A shows where you add the title of your lesson. 

B is the html-enabled editor area. This is where you define your lesson's content. There are lots of useful tools to use while editing. Hovering over the icon will tell you a bit about what it does. 

C shows the status of the lesson. Click the checkbox to change whether the lesson is published or unpublished. Then click "Save" to make the change live.

Here you can also "View" the lesson as a student and, importantly, "Save" changes to the lesson by clicking the buttons with the same text.

In our screenshot above, we can see that the lesson is currently published and the Save button is dimmed out and reads "Saved", so we know our lesson is saved.

D is for setting up an optional checklist for things you expect the user to complete during this lesson. This allows them to save their completion checklist as they complete it. You can add a checklist by typing and item and hitting enter to start a new line. Each new line represents a checklist "todo" item. Click "Preview" to check out how the checklist will look.

At the bottom of the editor is the Attachments manager. Here you can upload files and attach existing files and links from your site's uploaded Resources. The files will be linked at the bottom of the lesson on the view page.

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