Creating and Editing Modules

Modules (sometimes referred to as Topics) are your top-level categories in a Course/Program. When content is dripped to students, it is dripped one Module at a time. When a user gets access to a Topic Module, they get access to all the Lessons underneath it. 

Once you've created a new course, you can visit the course's admin page and clicking on the "Content" tab. This will load up the "Content Outliner" which shows the content you've added to your course. 

Click the "Add Module" button to create a new Module. This will open a new form on the same page. Give the module a title and optional brief description (think 1-2 sentences describing what the lessons in this module will teach).

After filling out the form, click "Save" or press the Enter key to save the Module. It'll be added to the list. You can then add Lessons to the module or create additional modules. 

The collapse/expand buttons in the top right of this view allow you to view just the module titles, toggling the lesson views on and off.

Editing Modules

Click the "Edit" button next to a module in the Content Outliner to edit the topic module. The Module editor page gives you a big text area to introduce this module to your students. Here you can add some text, images, and video to introduce the students to the lessons they'll learn in the module. 

It's helpful to an a "Cover Image" to the module too. This will appear on the course's landing page. Here's an example:

By default, without cover images, the topics are displayed with the title, an icon, and with your brand color as a background:

Sorting Modules

From the Content Outliner, you can click and hold on the drag icon to start sorting the modules. Once you've sorted the modules in the order you want, click the "Save order" button that will appear.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you package content for distribution, the order of the modules is locked in place unless you are creating a Resource Library. So once you've shipped your content, the Module order is fixed. The sorting system is mostly for getting your content in the order you want before you launch.

Deleting Modules

IMPORTANT NOTE: because the order and existence of a module can effect drip schedules and student progression, we check to see if the module exists in any packages before deleting it. You must be sure about deleting a module because removing a module that exists in a package that is in use can block user progression in a course. Contact support if you have any questions about this note.

You can delete modules from the Content Outliner or from a module edit page. From the module edit page, click the red "Delete" link in the status area. From the Content Outliner, click the dropdown arrow and select "Delete Module".

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. 

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