Welcome Messaging

You can add a Title, Video, and Body text to your course's Welcome page. Each distribution of your course can have also have a Welcome page by overriding the base content in a Package.

Adding content to a Course's Welcome page

To set the base content of your Course's Welcome page:

  1. Click on "Courses" in the main navigation in the admin tools.
  2. Click the course your want to add a Welcome page for.
  3. In the curriculum editor click "Add Welcome"

  4. Add optional title, video link, and body copy.
  5. Click "Save" in the "Welcome Status" box.

  6. Click the "View as student" button then select "View course as student" to view the welcome page for your course.

Once you've added a Welcome to your  course, it'll appear above your Modules in the curriculum outliner.

You can click the "Edit" button to make changes.

See below for how to override the content for each distribution of your course.

Override a Course's Welcome page per Package

Each distribution of your course can override the default Welcome page. To do so, click the "Selling" tab and select "Packages". Then click "Edit" button on the Package you want to edit. Finally click the "Welcome" link in the menu.

The editor is the same as the course editor described above, but in a Package you can copy the content from the course and modify it there, or just add a totally custom Welcome to the package.

Make your changes to the Welcome page and click "Update Messages" or "Update Package".

Again, click "View as student" and "View course as student" to view the package-specific welcome page.

You can use the selector in the course header to change packages and see the different Welcome pages.

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