My customer is not receiving notification emails

Email delivery can be a finicky thing, and often transactional emails may end up in your customer's spam inbox. Some other common issue include:

  1. Customer accidentally deletes or archives the email without being aware.
  2. Customer marked an email of ours as spam at one point and now all are marked as spam.
  3. Customer may be using an email program such as SaneBox or which either archive or aggregate emails and may filter notification emails into a single reading point which can be easily missed.
  4. GMail's Promotions tab (and other categories) which can be unwittingly configured to exclude certain types of emails from the primary inbox. 
  5. Customer may be in a location or region that prevents the delivery of email.

The most common issues are #1 and #2.

Here's some troubleshooting tips for making sure that your customers get our emails:

  1. Make sure they add to their address book. This is where all our emails are "FROM:", so we want to make sure it's not marked as spam.
  2. Have them search for "" in their email program (like GMail) and see if there are any emails from us marked as spam. Make sure they mark all of those as not spam.
  3. Have them disable or configure the Promotions tab in Gmail to not include our emails.
  4. Reach out to us and let us know which customer is having trouble and we can test if our email delivery system is reporting that the emails are being delivered or opened by them.

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