Adding Students

You don't have to sell a course to enroll a student or add them to your Doki account. Students can be added manually to Doki and given access to courses and content without our checkout system in a few different ways:

Manual creation

You can manually add a student to Doki. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the "People" link in the main nav (it's the icon with the human silhouettes)
  2. Click the "Add Student" button in the upper right corner
  3. Enter the student's email
  4. [Optional] Enter the student's name
  5. Click "Add"

The student will be sent a confirmation email to be able to finish setting up their account with a password. Immediately after creation, you can view the student's detail page and begin granting them access to your courses and programs.

Zapier import

Our Zapier app allows you to create new students (and add them to courses) by using a Zap with an action that sends data to Doki.

Bulk import

If you're on the Influencer plan or above, you can have us do a Bulk Import of your students.

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