How to take a Doki course

Accessing a Course

When you log in, you’ll be taken to the course programs listing dashboard. This page shows all of the courses you have access to. You can click the name of the organization (in the upper left corner of the navigation banner) any time to get to this screen. If you are already inside a course, you can click your name in the top right of the navigation banner and select “My Programs” to get to this screen.

From this screen, access your course by clicking the course badge or image.

Course Navigation

You’ll note that the left-most piece of text in the course navigation is the name of the course. You can click that to return to the course landing page at any time. The course navigation will look something like the following (note that not all courses will have all of these navigation items unless it applies):

  • Content – The content—modules, lessons, audio, and video—you have access to in this course. Returns back to the course landing page.
  • Schedule – If your course is running on a schedule, you can find the important content unlock dates here.
  • Resources – If the version of the course you purchased (aka “Package”) you purchased comes with downloadable resources, you’ll find them here.

The Course Landing Page/Content

The course’s landing page gives you an overview of the material you have access to. Sometimes it will include an introductory statement about the course and a welcome video. At very least, you’ll see a image-based listing of the module you have access to in the course. If a module is not yet unlocked, the image will have a “lock” icon over it. Modules are either unlocked by completing lessons and modules as you take the course, or, in the case of drip unlocked courses, the content will be unlocked based on a schedule. Check the “Schedule” page if it exists to see when content will unlock for you.

Starting a Module

From the course landing page, click an accessible module image to read the module introduction page. Each module has an intro and a series of lessons associated with it. Once you’ve read the introduction or watched an introductory video, scroll to the bottom and click “Get Started” to start taking the lessons. This will immediately unlock and redirect you into the first lesson in the module.

Completing a Lesson

Lessons look a bit like module pages, but they can contain to-do checklists and resources (also known as file downloads and related links). Once you’ve completed taking the lesson, click the “Mark as Complete” button to finish it. If the course is progress-based, the next lesson will be unlocked.

To-do Checklists

Some lessons may have to-do checklists associated with a lesson. Click any item or checkbox to mark it as complete. These are stored in your browser’s local storage so the next time you load up the completion state will be complete.

You can click “Reset checklist” to clear the completion statuses.

NOTE: Keep in mind that status storage is per browser, so if you switch to your phone or another browser, you won’t see the same completion results at this time.

Downloading Resources

Some lessons may have resources associated with the content. If they do, you’ll see a “Resources” list at the bottom of the lesson. Click any link to start the download process.

Typically, you’ll just be downloading to your computer. Click the “Download” button to do so quickly.

You can also try to download a resource via Dropbox, Google Drive, Box & OneDrive by clicking on those links and following the authentication flow for that particular app.

NOTE: This service is a bit finicky right now, so we recommend downloading the file and uploading it to that account manually.

Managing Your Progress

When you click “Get Started” on a Module or “Mark as Complete” on a Lesson, we track your progress. You can see your progress at the bottom of any module or lesson or from the course landing page.

If you’d like to reset your progress, click the “Reset Progress” link underneath the progress bar. This will not re-lock the content that was previously locked, merely clear the completion states for each Module or Lesson.

Course Schedules

If your course’s content is unlocked on a drip schedule, you’ll see a “Schedule” link in the topic banner. Click that to view the unlock schedule. The schedule will show you when content will unlock for you specifically. You should also see what time of day the content will unlock and in which timezone.

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