About Doki's Course Package Types

Doki offers a few different ways to deliver courses to users. These are determined by how the content of the program is delivered to the users and how they progress through the program.

For example's sake, let's say we've written our course curriculum to include 3 Modules with 2 Lessons each. It will look something like:

  • Module 1
    • Lesson 1
    • Lesson 2
  • Module 2
    • Lesson 1
    • Lesson 2
  • Module 3
    • Lesson 1
    • Lesson 2

When you create a new course you can select between four types of delivery:

Resource Library

Resource Libraries grant the student immediate access to all Modules and Lessons as soon as they purchase. They can, for example, jump straight to Module 3 > Lesson 1 in a our above example program curriculum without completing any of the prior Modules or Lessons. This type of course is great for resource libraries that don't require specific completion ordering.


A self-guided course means that the student unlocks content at their own pace. Once they "start" Module 1, the first Lesson in the module will unlock (Module 1 > Lesson 1 above). Each successive Lesson completion unlocks the next lesson. Completing the final lesson in the Module 1 would unlock Module 2. And so on.

Auto-Drip Schedule

An auto-drip schedule begins when the user signs up for your course so the start date is determined by purchase date. You determine the drip frequency of each Module. So setting up a schedule to drip our example curriculum above to drip once a week would take 4 weeks to complete for the user. The user receives an email from Doki notifying them when content unlocks.

Class Drip-Schedule

A class drip schedule drips similarly to the Auto-Drip, however class schedules start on a specific date. This way, all students who signed up for the course receive content on the same day, at the same time. These are great for mentorship-lead courses. The user receives an email from Doki notifying them when content unlocks. As the dean/instructor, you'll receive an email when the class begins and when the class ends.

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