Creating Your First Course

What is a course on Doki?

A course is composed of a set of "Modules" which contain the "Lessons" you want your students to read. We refer to this as your course "Content" or "Curriculum". Creating and distributing a course look like the following:

  1. Create the course
  2. Add Your Content (Modules and Lessons)
  3. Package and (optionally) add a drip Schedule to your course
  4. Launch

When a Student buys your Course, they are buying a Package. The Package grants them access to the Content and may also add them to a Schedule which determines how they get the content and when. 

Create the course

To create the course base, start by clicking the "Book" icon in the main sidebar navigation. If the sidebar is expanded, it'll say "COURSES".

The courses dashboard shows all of your courses. In the top right corner of the page, you can find actions for this page. You can view your courses by status by using the "Filter" dropdown. We're creating a course though, so click "CREATE COURSE".

Add a name for your course. The link to your course is automatically generated for you based on the name. You can change this link fragment if you like. For example, for a course called "Digital Strategy School", we've given our course the link "dss". Note that the link fragment can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.

Click "CREATE" to save the course in an unpublished state. It's ready to be edited and content can now be added. It's still private and won't be live to the world unless your site is published and you set the course to published.

You can click the View as student button in the top banner to see the course's landing page. This won't be very interesting yet because we haven't added any content! So let's add some next...

Add Your Content

After the course is created, we'll redirect you into the manager for the course. The first page you'll see is the "Content Outliner". Here you'll define a set of Modules (each Module can contain any number of Lessons). You can think of a Modules as a grouping of related lessons. Each module should contain an introduction to the lessons.

Read more about creating Modules and Lessons:

Package and (optionally) Schedule your course

Once you've created your content including modules and lessons, you're ready to package up the content into sellable distributions. There are lots of different ways to distribute the same content. For example, if you have a 4 Module course you could:

  • Give the user access to all Modules all at once.
  • Give the user access to the first Module, and let them unlock the content stepping through the defined order.
  • Give the customer access to one module every week for 4 weeks with dripped content.
  • Give the customer access to only 3 of the 4 modules.
  • Give multiple customers access to one module each week dripped on the same schedule.

Each of these package setups would use the same content, but can be distributed and priced individually. After you've created your package(s), visit the package edit page and select the down-down and "publish" the package.

Read more about Package types:


Once you've defined a minimum of one package, you can then publish the course. If you've connected a Stripe account to your Doki account, you can sell packages, otherwise, you can only offer free packages (and only if you have access to the "free courses" feature).

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