Viewing and Previewing Courses and Course Content

Viewing/Previewing a Course

After you've created a Course, you can find the Preview as student button in the top right of the course toolbar:

  • Click Preview course as student to see the student view of the course content.
  • Click Preview landing page as student to see the preview of the course's landing page (the public facing sales page for your course).

You can always "Preview" a course or landing page even when it's private. There will be a bar at the top of the page showing you that it is private.

Viewing/Previewing a Module or Lesson

You can preview or view a Module or Lesson by clicking the Preview or View button in the status area of the interface:

Viewing/Previewing a Package checkout page

From the Package editor, you can click the View/Preview as student button in the top right of the package toolbar:

  • Click View course as student to see the student view of the course content (this will show only content that exists in that Package).
  • Click View checkout page as student to see the checkout page for the Package.

When viewing a Payment Option in a package, you can also click the "View checkout page" button at the bottom to view the checkout page for that specific payment option. Otherwise, you can get the link to the payment option checkout page by selecting the payment option on the default checkout page.

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