Running a Class with an Onboarding Module

IMPORTANT: this is legacy documentation. Since this article was written, we introduced Welcome Messaging which allows you to add a custom Welcome page to each distribution of your course. It's a much easier way to onboard specific groups.

When running a scheduled class, often you'll want to start selling access before the class actually starts. You want the student to have some content welcoming them to the course before it starts. The following documents how to use Doki to onboard a student with a well-timed drip.

1. Let’s say you have 4 modules in your class. Add a 5th in the first position called "Welcome" or "Introduction" (whatever you like)

2. Once your modules are ready, create a class-based package and set the class to start on the pre-sale starting date, say “November 1st”.
3. In the class schedule, you'll set the unlock date of the actual first module of your course to when the class starts. So I'll look something like this:
  • Welcome - Unlocks November 1st (same day as sales start)
  • Module 1 - Unlocks December 1st
  • Module 2 - Unlocks January 1st
and so on...
4. Start your pre-sale on November 1st. 
This way, the course is available to buy and when people “join” the class, the Welcome/Introduction module will be unlocked, but the actual course content doesn’t unlock until your next unlock date. The system catches up students that sign up after the class starts, so this effectively gives you an “Onboarding” module during your pre-sales. 
As usual, just make sure your Topics are in place before creating the package and make sure your lessons are completed and locked before the Topic that contains them unlocks, so progress tracking can work flawlessly.
We also recommend adding a Welcome video, Welcome text and Welcome title to your course. You can find this in the Doki admin area in the Course's "Details" tab in the "Welcome Page" section.

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