Canceling a Payment Plan or Subscription

Doki's payment plans and subscription support work with your Stripe account to create a recurring subscription and (in the case of payment plans) *cancel* the subscription when the customer has paid all instalment payments. This all happens "behind the scenes". 

Should you wish to cancel a payment plan early, you can do so in Doki which will also stop the subscription in Stripe AND unenrol the student from the course or program.

From the package manager view, click the "Payment Plans" item to see the payment options available for the package. Click the name of the Payment Plan to see the students paying with that method. 

From the list of students, you can see how many payments remain for each and what state they are in (subscribed, delinquent, and so on).

Click the "Cancel" button next to the student you want to cancel the payment plan. (NOTE: We've removed the email column from the screenshot below). Confirm the cancelation to finish ending their Stripe subscription and removing them from the program.

If you cancel a payment plan subscription from Stripe, the same things will happen, but we recommend canceling in Doki in case we ever add additional features to the payment option cancelation system.

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