Doki is relatively new, and while it's a very rich product already, we plan to add lots more features and integrations in the coming year. We get a lot of questions about what we're planning on doing to get us out of Beta. Below we've outlined our plans for the 2016 year. These are presented generally in the order that we're likely to tackle them (if it comes first in the list, it's coming sooner).

See something you'd like to see us work on not listed here? Feel free to fill out our  feature request form!

What's Next

Zapier Integration

Adding custom support for each integration with other platforms is time-consuming and error-prone. So we're creating our very own Zapier app so you'll be able to collect new signups and funnel them in to other platforms.
Completed on June 20th!

Packaging Updates

Currently you can only sell packages that give access to all modules in your programs. Limited packaging will add the ability to limit certain Modules in your programs to certain packages. For example, you will be able to create your curriculum materials and then create a base and premium package. The premium package would be priced higher and include 4 of 4 modules, and the base package would only include 3 of 4 modules.
We'll also be adding support in this feature for:
  • Free courses in our premium tier. Completed on July 7th!
  • Duplicate course curriculum. Completed on July 14th!
  • Ability to package a dripped course as a self-guided version as well. Completed on July 25th!
  • Hidden packages. Completed on July 25th!
  • Limited module packaging. Completed on October 8th!

Custom Domains

Full support for custom domains including full support for secure traffic over SSL.

Payment Plans, Subscriptions, Selling

  • Sell course packages on a payment plan.
  • Sell access to entire organization's programs as subscription offering.
  • Add additional currencies supported by Stripe. Completed August 21st!

Mentorship Tooling

We're currently working on Mentorship tools for managing relationships between you and your mentees. Our first pass will include adding scheduled events like group calls and video chats to your class schedules. Later in the year we'll be adding the ability to sell "call seats" that will allow you to book mentorship calls with your students.

Landing Pages

Our landing pages are very plain and not very customizable at the moment. We'd like to make them more customizable, faster, and more mobile friendly.

Staff & Students

Currently we have basic student analytics for tracking progress through your programs and enrollments. We're going to add the ability to add other staff members and assign them to classes and as mentors. We're also going to fully rework the students dashboard to give you insights into where students are dropping off in course materials and make better communication tools.

Content Editor

Our package and lesson editor served its purpose for the Beta, but we'd like to improve it and make it more stable. We'll be adding a better editor and adding in-page editing for your lessons.

Help & Support

Currently we're on-boarding limited partners and providing support via email and our private Slack group. This roadmap item will add: in-app help, chat, and a knowledge base with how-to articles. We also plan on improving our user interface and adding better in-app onboarding.

Completed on October 26th!

Later in the possible pipeline

  • Affiliate Program
  • Email Templating
  • Discussions

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